Saturday, November 26, 2011

colorant development

I had earlier suggested that one had to do an extensive R & D with a starting formulation and develop until s final recipe is arrived at. This formulation, if developed properly will address all the problems. Cost is another factor in a competitive market, here again, one had to arrive at a formulations that suits his market and his pocket. Hence the best information one can get from this type of fora, will be in the form of guidelines and suggestions. As a Consultant Paint Technologist I have seen, say an Interior Emulsion Paint, the formulation will vary from customer to customer as each manufacturer has his niche market to cater and he will know what is best for him. Hence one cannot come to a conclusion that THIS is the right formulation,but it is one of the formulations.There are various Additives are available. In R & D the optimum level of each additive can be arrived at by trials.
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