Thursday, June 28, 2012

Senior Citizens to do yoga

4.  Sri Yoga Krishna murthy
Sri Krishnamurthy, or fondly called "Yoga" Krishnamurthy has been the yoga consultant for YogaKshema since its inception. His contributions to the rehab programs carried out by YogaKshema in the old age homes have been significant. He conducted the physical rehab program for the inmates of the old age homes taken up by YogaKshema. The program was structured and customized to the needs of the inmates of each old age home. One of the initiatives taken up was to conduct a "Yoga Certification Program" which enabled general public to get trained in helping the senior citizens to do yoga.  He was also part of some of the residential workshops conducted in which, the participants were taken through various relaxation and yogic techniques. He also conducted a brief "Pranayama" workshop at the old age homes as part of our continued initiative to provide assistence to the residents.

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